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How to Prevent Electrostatic Damage in Laboratory Instruments?

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Class Anti-static Principle and Requirements

  • Bench surface and ground anti-static principle are conductive, generally two ways to achieve: one is the surface material mixed with conductive fibers; the other is a conductive overlay coating, such as conductive adhesive.

  • Conductive surfaces are ultimately grounded through a metal support. Its resistance is large, usually 1㏁. As for grounded metal surfaces, there is no static electricity.

  • Anti-static gloves and shoes are made of fabrics containing conductive fibers.

  • The static bracelet is composed of a conductive wrist strap, movable snap button, grounding wire, protective resistor, and plug or alligator clips. When in use the plug is connected to the ground port on the workbench to realize the human body electrostatic discharge. The protective resistor is usually 1㏁ to avoid excessive transient current.

Class Anti-static Normative Measures

  • Good static grounding.

  • Workstations, chairs, and floors meet anti-static requirements.

  • Operators wear anti-static bracelets, gloves, and anti-static shoes, at least one of them.

  • Workstations are equipped with static eliminators.

The Most Convenient and Practical Static Electricity Removal Method

  • Static eliminator has two kinds of proximity and distance, in the instrumentation station recommended the use of ion fans, direct "blow away" on the human body, samples to be measured, as well as instrumentation on the static electricity.

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