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What Is Centrifuge Force? Definition & History & Application
29 February 2024

What is Centrifugal Force?Centrifugal force is a virtual force, an inertial force, which moves a rotating object away from its center of rotation. Centrifugal force is produced under two conditions, it is produced by the intertwining of the inertial force of motion of the object and the central bind

The Different Types of Laboratory Reagents And Preservation Details
23 February 2024

1、FlammableFlammable liquids are volatile gas, combustible when exposed to fire, usually, the flash point of 25 ℃ below the liquid is included in the flammable category. The flash point of -4 ℃ below the petroleum enigma, chloroethane, ethyl bromide, ether, gasoline, carbon disulfide, acetal, aceton

How to Choose the Right Centrifuge Tube?
03 January 2024

Centrifugal technology is mainly used for the separation and preparation of various biological samples. The suspension of biological samples is held in a centrifuge tube under high-speed rotation, and due to the action of the huge centrifugal force, the suspended tiny particles settle down at a cert

A Brief History of Centrifuge
29 December 2023

The predecessor of the centrifuge has its origins in the 18th century when British military engineers invented a rotating arm device for determining resistance. In 1836, the first three-legged centrifuge was invented in Germany, and 1878, Gustaf de Laval of Sweden invented the first cream separator

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