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Micro Centrifuge

Micro Centrifuge

A micro centrifuge, also known as a microfuge, is a type of centrifuge designed to handle small volumes of samples, usually ranging from 0.2ml to 2ml. It is typically used in molecular biology, biochemistry, and other laboratory settings where small sample volumes are common. 

Micro centrifuges are capable of generating high centrifugal forces to quickly separate particles or sediment small amounts of liquid. They are also able to spin at high speeds, allowing for fast and efficient separations. Micro centrifuges are typically compact in size and can accommodate a variety of sample tubes, including microcentrifuge tubes and PCR tubes. They are widely used for tasks such as DNA and RNA extraction, protein precipitation, and the isolation of subcellular components.

GlanLab provides a variety of microcentrifuges, typically available in volumes of 0.2ml, 0.5ml, 1.5ml, and 2ml.

A centrifuge manufacturer established in 2001, dedicated to be a sale&service platform to provide the global of various types of centrifuges and related lab products

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