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PRP Bio Kit

  • Special kit designed for an appropriate separation and concentration of PRP

    Capacity :30cc
  • Larger blood volume in collection tube(20cc to 30cc)
    Platelet concentration: 5-7x
    No other chemical additives than anticoagulant are used in the process of PRP separation
    Precise extraction is possible because you can identify Buffy Coat with your eyes

Recommended Matching Centrifuges

Following centrifuge matching our PRP kits

TD5/TDL5 5000rpm, 4*250ml, Pre-cooling Design, Bench Top Universal Centrifuge, Smaller Size, Support Swing/Microplate/Fixed Rotor
  • Max. Speed: 5000rpm
    Max.Capacity: 4×250ml
    Refrigerated Available: TDL5-Yes,TD5-NO

Other recommended PRP centrifuges

What’s the PRP ?

PRP ,  the full name is Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet rich Plasma is defined as a platelet concentration higher than the physiologic platelet concentration found in healthy whole blood

- Average normal platelet count =200,000 per micro liter
-  Normal range =150,000 to 350,000 per micro liter

-  PRP count=1,000,000 per micro liter(5X concentration)

The first step of the healing process is clot formation and platelet activation.After platelet activation, wound healing involves an intricate process that is often categorized into three overlapping phases: inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling.

How to use PRP kits?

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