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A Brief History of Centrifuge
29 December 2023

The predecessor of the centrifuge has its origins in the 18th century when British military engineers invented a rotating arm device for determining resistance. In 1836, the first three-legged centrifuge was invented in Germany, and 1878, Gustaf de Laval of Sweden invented the first cream separator

Function and Usage of Centrifuge
11 December 2023

In the field of science and technology, laboratory centrifuges play a vital role as a widely used piece of laboratory equipment. Laboratory centrifuges utilize centrifugal force to separate components of a mixture, thus playing a huge role in many fields. The purpose of this article is to explor

Centrifuge Common Failure Analysis and Maintenance Methods
07 December 2023

l Cleaning the CentrifugeClean the inner chamber and shell of the centrifuge at least once a week with a moist soft cloth, use water or a gentle neutral cleaner for cleaning, should not use alkaline solutions and other solvents that are abrasive to the centrifuge parts and materials. Use a rag or t

Classification of Large-capacity Refrigerated Centrifuges And Instructions on Precautions for Use
05 December 2023

Classification of large-capacity freezing centrifuge: 01. High-speed refrigerated centrifuge: speed up to 10,000 rpm or more, in addition to the performance and structure of low-speed refrigerated centrifuge, high-speed centrifuges used in the angular rotary head are made of titanium alloy and alumi

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