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How to Maintain a Centrifuge in Daily Life?

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Instructions for use:

  1. Clean the interior and exterior of the centrifuge at least once a week with a damp soft cloth using water or mild neutral detergent. Do not use alkaline solvents or other abrasive solutions that can corrode the centrifuge components. Use a cloth or tweezers to remove any stains from the centrifuge chamber. When wiping the centrifuge chamber, do so gently to avoid damaging the temperature sensor inside the chamber.

  2. Check the balance of the centrifuge spindle system every three months. Use a spirit level to check if the machine is level by placing it on the centrifuge spindle or body. If it is not level, adjust it to a level position.

  3. If the centrifuge is moved or relocated, the instrument must be re-leveled.

  4. Check every three months if the speed matches the displayed value on the screen.

  5. Turn on the centrifuge once a week and run a rotor at low speed to ensure that the centrifuge is working properly.

  6. Check the centrifuge tubes for cracks before use. Do not use any tubes with cracks. If a tube breaks during centrifugation, it can cause significant vibration. Stop the machine immediately for handling.

  7. Before each use, check the rotor for corrosion or fine cracks. Do not use a corroded or cracked rotor.

  8. Do not use rotors beyond their rated lifespan to avoid the risk of flying debris.

  9. After centrifugation, remove the rotor from the centrifuge chamber and clean it promptly with a neutral detergent to prevent chemical corrosion. Invert the rotor and store it in a dry and ventilated place. Do not use acidic or alkaline cleaning agents to clean the rotor, and do not use electric heating to dry the rotor. Apply a small amount of lubricating grease or medical vaseline to the center hole of the rotor for protection against corrosion that can affect the rotor's lifespan. If the centrifuge is not used for a short period, open the top cover to keep the centrifuge chamber dry.

  10. When the instrument is not used for an extended period or during maintenance, unplug the main power plug; otherwise, the instrument may remain electrically charged, which can cause safety accidents, especially during maintenance.

  11. Remove the rotor from the centrifuge chamber when not in use and do not store it inside the centrifuge chamber.

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