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Complete Classification Of Laboratory Centrifuges

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Centrifuges are divided into industrial centrifuges and laboratory centrifuges.

Today let's focus on introducing the types of laboratory centrifuges.

1. According to the speed:

high speed centrifuges

low speed centrifuges

2.According to temperature control:

air cooling centrifuge(or called refrigerated centrifuge,or air cooled centrifuge)

normal centrifuge

3.According to appearance size:

floor centrifuge(or called floor standing centrifuge)

table centrifuge(or called benchtop centrifuge)

mini centrifuge

4.According to the scope of application

blood centrifuge

cell centrifuge

milk fat centrifuge

beauty centrifuge


5.According to the ease of operation

ordinary centrifuge

automatic decapping centrifuge

6、Blood centrifuge contains

cell wash centrifuge

blood bank centrifuge

gel card centrifuge

cell smear centrifuge

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