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Classification of Large-capacity Refrigerated Centrifuges And Instructions on Precautions for Use

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Classification of large-capacity Refrigerated centrifuge:

01. High-speed refrigerated centrifuge: speed up to 10,000 rpm or more, in addition to the performance and structure of low-speed refrigerated centrifuge, high-speed centrifuges used in the angular rotary head are made of titanium alloy and aluminum alloy. Centrifuge tubes are covered in polyethylene hard plastic products. These centrifuges are mostly used to collect microorganisms, cell debris, cells, large organelles, sulfate precipitates, and immunoprecipitates.

02. Low-speed refrigerated centrifuge: the speed is generally not more than 4000rpm, the maximum capacity of 2-4L, is the most commonly used in the laboratory for a large number of primary separations and extraction of biological macromolecules, precipitates, and so on. The rotary head is mostly made of aluminum alloy, and the two types of flat and angle types, and the centrifugal tube has a variety of models of hard glass, polyethylene hard plastic, and stainless steel tubes. The centrifuges are equipped with drive motors, timers, adjusters (speed indicators), and refrigeration systems (temperature adjustable range of -20-+40 ℃), according to the centrifugal material needs, replacement of different capacities and different types of rotary head speed.

Matters to note for the maintenance of large-capacity freezing centrifuge:

01. Refrigerated centrifuge in the process of use if the phenomenon of the motor can not start often, or the power indicator does not light up, check whether the indicator fuse and the indoor distribution board fuse are blown, and also check whether the power cord is in good contact.

02. Refrigerated centrifuge such as short circuit or broken circuit in the rotor coil, use a multimeter to check and rewind the coil. The rotor can be used due to metal fatigue, overspeed, overstress, chemical corrosion, improper selection, use of the rotor head imbalance temperature loss of control, and other reasons, resulting in centrifuge tube rupture, sample leakage, and rotor damage. The above situation mainly requires the operator to master the operating procedures, the correct choice of suitable centrifugal tube and centrifugal rotor, and pay attention to the strict control of each step of the operation of the operation sequence, to minimize man-made unnecessary damage, in the rotor's safety coefficient and the use of the guarantee period.

03. Freezing the centrifuge in the working process, such as any abnormal phenomenon should be immediately shut down, and shall not be forced to run, to avoid unnecessary losses or accidents.

04. Laboratory refrigerated centrifuge bearing damage or rotation is blocked, bearing oil shortage or bearing with more dirt and cause friction resistance increases, the motor can not reach the rated speed, should be timely cleaning or replacement of bearings. The rectifier surface has a layer of oxide, or even burned into uneven or brush, and the rectifier outer edge does not match can also make the speed drop, should be cleaned rectifier and brush, make good contact.  

05. If the oil pressure is too high and the host can not start, please check whether the oil circuit is blocked, especially whether the throttle hole is smooth, if not, should be cleaned to make it smooth.  

06. One of the reasons for the poor starting and cooling effect of the refrigerated centrifuge is that the power supply is not working, please check the power supply and the fuse respectively, the voltage is too low, and the failure of the safety device can also make the freezer not start.

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