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Centrifuge Machine

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Centrifuge Machine

Centrifuge machine is an instrument that uses the centrifugal force generated by the rotating rotor to separate substances of different densities and particle sizes in the suspension or emulsion, or to analyze them at the same time. Widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, mining, teaching and other laboratories.
The main component of the centrifuge is the rotary head, which is the part that rotates during high-speed centrifugation. The rotor can be fixed to the centrifuge, or a centrifuge can use multiple rotor heads, which are mounted on a component called a spindle. Many centrifuges have a refrigeration unit that keeps the internal temperature under control while centrifuging.
According to the different configuration of these components, laboratory centrifuges can be divided into laboratory high-speed centrifuges and laboratory low-speed centrifuges, laboratory bench centrifuges and laboratory floor standing centrifuges etc.

All Kinds Of Centrifuge

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